Online with the Feline (zephyrprince) wrote in memedev,
Online with the Feline

Current Music Meme

Let me preface this by saying that I know nothing about memes or how theyre made but I was wondering if the following were

A.) possible
B.) done
C.) or if anyone was interesting

Idea: a meme that would sorto through your journal archive and collect up and list all of one's current music entires...
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Hmm. That could be fun, but the problem is that there's no easy way to get to that information without having to hit the LJ servers many, many times - at least once per public entry in the journal. I have 222 entries in my journal, nearly all of them public. If ten thousand people like me use this meme, that's 2.2 million hits. Many popular memes get way more than ten thousand visitors too, so you see the problem.